How long does the Average Period last?

Answer 4-7 days.

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How long does the incubation period for disease last?

You can privately own firearms while you're in the military. You can't use a privately owned firearm as your service weapon, however.

When you have a period how long does it last?

im 13 i had mine at age 11 too mine last 5-7 days (like an average teen)

How long does PMS last before you get your period?

it could be just gas pains or growing pains but it could be PMS. With me when I have PMS it's more in my bladder more to the left though not in my hip but everyone's different. talk to you mom abou... Read More »

How long does vestibular disease last in dogs?

Vestibular disease is a type of neurological condition that causes dizziness and lack of coordination in dogs. Most cases of vestibular disease in dogs require no treatment and begin to improve wit... Read More »