How long does a divorce take in Colorado?

Answer In Colorado, the minimum amount of time for a divorce to become finalized is 90 days. However, that is only if the parties agree on a settlement. If there is no agreement, the divorce can take more... Read More »

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How long will a divorce take after filing in Colorado?

After a party files for a divorce in Colorado, there is a waiting period of 90 days. At the end of this period, the court grants the couple an absolute divorce.References:Divorcenet: Colorado Divor... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after legal separation to finalize a divorce in Colorado?

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. It is not necessary for couples to separate, legally or informally, before requesting a divorce. If a couple legally separates and has a court-ordered separati... Read More »

How to File for a Divorce in Colorado?

Filing for divorce in Colorado is like filing for any other law suit. You must make sure you follow the proper steps, as well as include all the information the court needs to enter a divorce decre... Read More »

Colorado Divorce Information?

Divorce is never an easy process and procedures vary from state to state. There are few "blanket" rules of thumb even within a single state's jurisdiction because divorces can be as different as th... Read More »