How long does a custody hearing take in Florida?

Answer My husband is going through a custody battle in Florida right now and we filed seven months ago and there is no hearing as yet... Still working through the preliminary "stuff" and custody has not ... Read More »

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What is the process in Tennessee of losing all parental rights after the final custody hearing in which the parent was not ready to take custody of the infant?

Answer There must be extreme circumstances before a court will permanently revoke parental rights. For instance in cases of minor children having children the court will generally award temporary c... Read More »

How long does a custody court take?

If you have lots of money and the mother and father are hating each other, the attorneys will drag it on for years. Tons of paper work and tons of money. A phone call with your attorney can cost 25... Read More »

How long does it take to get full custody of your child?

that's interpretive based on evidence and how much the parent is willing ti fight for it.

What should a parent who is seeking full custody be prepared for in a custody hearing?

Answer When parents share joint custody major decisions concerning the child(ren) must be agreed on by both. This includes moving the child(ren) out of the state jurisdiction where custody was awar... Read More »