How long does a custody court take?

Answer If you have lots of money and the mother and father are hating each other, the attorneys will drag it on for years. Tons of paper work and tons of money. A phone call with your attorney can cost 25... Read More »

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If the father doesnt show to court for custody does the mother get custody automatically defaulted that day?

Answer Yes. Its the same as not showing up for other court dates.

If a custody schedule is mandated by the court say Monday-Thursday what exactly does having primary custody give you for rights and obligations?

%REPLIES% Answer having primary custody means you are the custodial parent because you have the child for the majority of the time, (meaning more than 50%)in support court that helps alot, since yo... Read More »

How long does court reporting school take?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of training will vary by the type of reporting you want to do. The average amount of time spent training to become a court reporter is 3... Read More »

How long does a custody hearing take in Florida?

My husband is going through a custody battle in Florida right now and we filed seven months ago and there is no hearing as yet... Still working through the preliminary "stuff" and custody has not ... Read More »