How long does a custody battle last?

Answer a year or shorter

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How long does temporary emergency custody last in TN?

Temporary cusody is really similar to permanant custody. It lasts until someone fights it. If someone else has sole temporary custody of your children, they can make all of the decisions and do wha... Read More »

How long does a temporary custody order in North Carolina last?

Most temporary custody orders last until the court makes a permanent custody determination. Some custody orders have expiration dates, but they are usually set to coincide with further court appear... Read More »

What sort of parenting plan should you propose if the non-custodial parent is threatening a custody battle in order to lower their child support payments but does not really want custody?

Answer Parenting plans should be discussed with legal counsel or with a social service representative before they are submitted to the court.That being said, there is not a court in the US that wo... Read More »

How long did the battle of shiloh last?

The Battle of Shiloh was a two-day battle fought during the Civil War. The battle took place April 6-7, 1862, and was fought in southern Tennessee. Nearly 24,000 soldiers were killed before a Union... Read More »