How long does a criminal record last in the UK?

Answer In the United Kingdom, if an individual serves a sentence of less than 2.5 years and does not re-offend during a specified period after release, the conviction is considered "spent."Source:The Reha... Read More »

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How long does a DWI stay on a criminal record?

A DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated and is also referred to as a DUI (Driving Under Influence). A DWI conviction is portrayed on a criminal record as well as a driving record. A DWI convicti... Read More »

How long does a MIP stay on your criminal record?

A person under the age of 21 with possession of an alcoholic beverage can be charged as a MIP (Minor in Possession). Once you've been convicted of being a MIP, the charge will stay on your criminal... Read More »

How long does a criminal record last in Australia?

How long a criminal record lasts in Australia depends on the age of the person at the time the crime was committed and the length of the imprisonment. If you were pardoned or were imprisoned for le... Read More »

How long does it take to clear a criminal record?

Most people can apply to have a criminal record expunged immediately after completing the entire sentence, including paying any fees and fines. Some states have other requirements that extend the w... Read More »