How long does a couple wait for an adoption?

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If CPS places a child in your custody in Texas how long do you have to wait before trying to adopt the child and how much does an adoption like this cost?

It depends if it is a kinship placement or not.  If the child is related to you, you can file for adoption as part of the termination of parental rights or anytime thereafter.  If it is a kinship... Read More »

I hurt my forearm a couple nights ago. Go to ER or wait until Monday?

If it is a fracture, you need it to be set properly with a cast. Best not to wait.

How soon after stepping on a rusty nail do you need to get a tetanus shot Can you wait a couple of weeks?

Tetanus is rare in the U.S. The offending toxin can live for years in animal feces and soil. If the nail did not break the skin, there is usually no treatment required. There needs to be a punctu... Read More »

Is adoption an option in the USA for a lesbian couple who wish to have a child?

For a lesbian couple who wish to have a child donor egg program is the best alternate. Any one can carry the child for them. The details can be obtained at iwannag... Read More »