How long does a contempt of court order stand for?

Answer That depends on the order, some orders are time limited. In general terms though these orders stand until they are complied with. For Example: If a court orders you to cut down a tree, finds you ar... Read More »

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How would you dispute a judge's order of contempt of court?

You can appeal but a judge has the discretion to issue a contempt of court order and that is rarely reversed. If it is civil you "hold the keys" and can pay your way out.

What is the contempt of court penalty for not following a divorce decree child visitation order?

My ex husband should have returned the kids back to me on Wednesday per the court order at 10:00am. The night before he refused to return the kids and said he will return them on Friday at 6:00pmWe... Read More »

The Penalty for Contempt in a US District Court?

Contempt of court penalties vary depending on whether the contempt is civil or criminal. In both cases, the person held in contempt of court may face jail time. U.S District Courts hold trials and ... Read More »

What Constitutes Contempt of Court in Family Law?

Family court can be a contentious environment that leads to contempt litigation. Failure to pay child support and possession and access are the two main issues that may lead to a contempt action in... Read More »