How long does a flu virus usually last?

Answer When a person contracts influenza, fever usually lasts for a few days, other symptoms like weakness, cough and light-headedness, a couple of weeks. The cough is usually the most persistent of the s... Read More »

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How long does a car battery usually last?

The life of a car battery depends on the make of the battery (the brand) and how well the battery has been taken care of. Newly manufactured batteries have a longer-lasting capacity than batteries ... Read More »

How long does a wormhole usually last?

Wormholes are only hypothetical and have never been observed."While we do not have any direct experimental evidence for the existence of such objects, it is commonly believed that such objects migh... Read More »

How long does an opiate withdrawal usually last?

Withdrawal symptoms caused by discontinuing the use of opiates---heroin, morphine, codeine, Oxycontin, methadone, Dilaudid---typically begin within 12 hours of the last usage (heroin) and 30 hours ... Read More »

How long does a family reunion usually last?

Family reunions may last an hour, or six hours. Family reunions are usually held to reunite with your family. This could be after a death, a birth, or just to reunite the family. Families have diff... Read More »