How long does a car dealership have to cancel a lease agreement in Georgia?

Answer In Georgia a car dealership cannot cancel a lease agreement if the lease was prepared, signed and made official at the dealership's offices or place of business. However if the lease was prepared, ... Read More »

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Is it beneficial to turn in a lease&buy a new car at the same dealership?

On One Hand: Loyalty CashSome dealerships will offer a discount for those who return to the dealership to buy a vehicle, such as money off the purchase price or free oil changes. Additionally, the ... Read More »

How long is a short-term lease?

Short-term lease lengths vary based on the industry in which the leases are created, according to, and In most cases, short-term leases are less than... Read More »

How do I cancel long distance phone service?

Phone CompanyFind out which company is providing the long distance service on your plan. This company might not always be the same company which provides your local phone service or your Internet s... Read More »

How long after a bankruptcy in ohio has been discharged can you lease a car?

Leasing a car after filing for bankruptcy may be easier than you think. When you file for bankruptcy, your car may be one of the first items you give back to pay off debts. Since car dealers know y... Read More »