How long does a business hold a check?

Answer The length a business can hold a check depends on the business. The longest they can hold a check is 11 days. There are different factors that cause businesses to hold checks and that determines th... Read More »

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How long does a business check take to clear?

Under the Check 21 Act (Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act), checks processed are deposited and presented as an electronic check. This allows most business checks collected to settle within on... Read More »

How Long Can You Hold a Personal Check?

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How long can I hold a check before cashing it?

You may hold a check up to 6 months before cashing it. After 6 months, no bank is legally required to honor the check, although many do. Different banks have varying policies. Check with your bank ... Read More »

How long can a bank hold an official check?

A payroll check can be held up to seven business days, but is often available sooner. Government checks are typically held no more than one business day after the check was deposited. Exception hol... Read More »