How long does a broken nose take to heal?

Answer Aw, what happened?I think it takes around 1 and a half -2 months to heal completely.My brother broke his nose once, and that's how long it took.I think it also depends on how bad it was. :\

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How long do nose piercings take to heal?

On One Hand: Types of PiercingsThe healing time of your nose piercing varies by the type of piercing you get. A piercing on the side of your nostril, called an ala, or a bridge piercing at the top ... Read More »

How long does it take a busted lip and swelled up nose to heal?

She should be fine by the end of May. I bet she already looks a lot better since you posted your question a few days ago. Keep all the cuts clean, watch for any sign of infection, and follow th... Read More »

How long does a broken arm take to heal?…

How long will a broken toe take to heal?

it will be livable in about 3 weeks but healed in about 6 weeks. problem with a pinkie toe break is that for some reason you will always hit it on something and re-injuring could be a problem if yo... Read More »