How long does a bottle of wine last if not opened and not refrigerated?

Answer champagne will last a few years but is designed to be drunk young, unless it's a vintage (expensive, with a date on the bottle).most other wine is also meant to be drunk fairly young. whites within... Read More »

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Am I drinking too much - I have opened a second bottle of red wine tonight/this morning ...?

Come on now Joan, you know the answer! You are a sensible person normally and deep down you know that the drinking won't help, except in the short term. It's a pain you have to go through and tryin... Read More »

How long can i keep opened pediayte bottle?

How Long Can You Store an Opened Bottle of Olive Oil?

Not all communication is verbal. Much of the information is in the gestures and other nonverbal signals that people send almost unconsciously. These gestures vary from culture to culture. Spanish s... Read More »

How long does opened wine keep in the refrigerator?

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it should be consumed within several hours. Upon opening a bottle of wine, you allow air into the bottle, which speeds the aging process. Store open, re-corke... Read More »