How long will my burn blister take to heal?

Answer It depends how large the blister is. Half an inch wide, you said, but is it protruding a lot? i.e. is it almost flat or is it raised considerably? The flatter it is the quicker it will heal since t... Read More »

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How to heal a blister?

Apply a band aid to protect it from breaking. It will heal in a couple of days.

How do I heal a blister?

Apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Remove the bandaid at night or when you don't have on shoes.Since it is now Monday, be sure to keep the blister protected with a band aid or mole skin d... Read More »

What can help a blister heal?

Welll, if you put neosporin on them, and also a bandid, it will keep your blister from rubbing against other surfaces like your shoes! :)

How to Heal Fever Blister?

Fever Blisters are definitely a pain not only from the looks you get for having this "growth" on your lip but also the actual pain you are forced to endure while they are healing. Many people just ... Read More »