How long does a basketball game take?

Answer The length of a basketball game varies by the level of competition, not the gender of those playing the sport. Professional basketball games are 48 minutes. Collegiate level games are 40 minutes wh... Read More »

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How long is an nba basketball game?

A regulation NBA game is 48 minutes long. The game breaks down into four 12-minute quarters with a 15-minute break for halftime. If overtime is needed, each overtime period is 5 minutes long.Source... Read More »

How long are the quarters in a basketball game?

According to USA Basketball, the quarters in an NBA game are each 12 minutes long. For International Basketball Federation (FIBA) games, the quarters are 10 minutes long. NCAA games are not played ... Read More »

How long is a highschool basketball game?

High school basketball games consist of four, eight-minute quarters for a total of 32 minutes. If a game ends in a tie after four quarters, an overtime period of four minutes must be played.Referen... Read More »

How long is a high school basketball game?

A high school basketball game lasts 32 minutes of regulation time. The 32 minutes are broken into four quarters of 8 minutes. A halftime break exists between the second and third quarters.Reference... Read More »