How long does a basil plant live?

Answer Basil plants can live for years and are nearly impossible to kill. As they age the flavor of the leaves improves just like a fine wine or scotch.

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How long does a bonsai plant live?

The longevity of a bonsai tree depends on the species of the tree and care given by the owner. The oldest bonsai is over 300 years old. Like many other trees, bonsai can outlive an owner if cared f... Read More »

How long does the homestead verbena plant live?

In colder climates, the homestead verbena prospers from spring planting through the first frost, typically March through November. In warmer regions, it may survive over a winter, but cannot tolera... Read More »

How long does a mikado plant live in cultivation?

The flowers of the mikado plant are reported to last for up to 10 weeks once fully bloomed, and flowering can last as long as 50 weeks. They need high humidity, as much as 70 degrees F in a damp sw... Read More »

How Long Does a Pepper Plant Live and How Big Does It Get?

Peppers come in many varieties, colors and shapes. Sweet, juicy sweet peppers are eaten fresh, roasted or in casseroles and add a sweet crunch to dishes. Chile peppers are usually fire-roasted to i... Read More »