How long does a bank account have to be opened to qualify for a payday loan?

Answer In order to qualify for a payday loan you need to be 18, have a gross income of at least $1,000 a month, be a resident of the state in which you are applying and have a bank account. The bank accou... Read More »

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How to Qualify for a Bank or Consolidation Loan?

If you want to qualify for a bank or consolidation loan, you must have a favorable FICO credit score used by the three major credit bureaus. FICO is a numeric scoring system founded in 1956 that me... Read More »

Can a bank empty your account if you are behind on a loan payment?

On One Hand: Yes, They Can.According to and, a bank can legally empty your bank account if you owe it money for a loan or credit card. This is called the Right to Off... Read More »

How much does a bank want in a banking account to get a loan for a house?

A bank does not require you to have money in a specific account before approving your loan. Most, however, require a down payment, though zero percent down-payment mortgages do exist.References:Hom... Read More »

How long can an account opened in 1997 be reported to the credit bureau?

If you are making payments to an account opened in 1997--if for example, you are still using a department store credit card issued in 1997--the credit history associated with the account for the la... Read More »