How long does a baby sleep in the womb?

Answer Human fetuses sleep most of the time they are in the womb. An unborn baby is asleep 90 to 95 percent of the day at 32 weeks gestation, and at full term, a typical baby is asleep 85 to 90 percent of... Read More »

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How long is a baby in the womb?

The average human pregnancy lasts 40 weeks--38 weeks after fertilization occurs or 40 weeks after the date of the last menstrual period. Although the fetus is not carried for the full 40 weeks, ges... Read More »

How long is a baby supposed to be in the womb?

Most people think that a baby is supposed to be in the womb for 36 weeks (9 months) but a baby is supposed to be in the womb for 40 weeks (10 months).

How long can baby live in womb after water breaks?

It depends on may things, if you have a high leak the membranes may seal and the pregnancy can continue. If your membranes are ruptured after 12 hours there is a fear of infection setting in, dange... Read More »

How long should a baby"cry it out"to go to sleep?

On One Hand: Letting an Infant Cry is Cruel and HurtfulOn this highly controversial topic, many people feel that letting a baby "cry it out" when going to sleep is nothing short of abandonment. Any... Read More »