How long does a DWI stay on record in New York?

Answer A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction in New York remains on a driving record for 10 years. An additional infraction during that time period can incur further penalties. There isn't a way to... Read More »

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How long does a DUI stay on a DMV record?

Although it varies from state to state, a DUI typically stays on your riving record at the DMV for at least 10 years. States such as Michigan and California keep the 10 year records; however, your ... Read More »

How long does bankruptcy stay on my record?

Bankruptcy can help consumers deal with growing debts they cannot pay and protect them from creditor lawsuits that could result in wage garnishment or property liens. The evidence that an individua... Read More »

How long does a felony stay on a record?

A felony will stay on your record until it is formally expunged. To have a felony conviction removed from your record, you must petition the state where the crime was prosecuted.Source:Felony Guide

How long does a DUI stay on a record in Florida?

A DUI offense stays on a driver's permanent record for 75 years in the state of Florida, according to the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department.Source:DUI Laws in Florida