How long does a DUI stay on your record in Massachusetts?

Answer A DUI conviction in Massachusetts stays on your record permanently. While it is difficult to expunge a DUI from your record, it is possible to have the conviction sealed, according to Massachusetts... Read More »

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How many years do points& violations stay on your driving record in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, points designated for driving offenses will remain on a person’s license for six years. If you have less than three moving violations in five years, the state will remove one po... Read More »

How long will a DUI stay on your record?

Typically, DUIs remain on your record for three to seven years but the length of time that a DUI stays on your driving and criminal record is up to the state where you are cited. For example, DUI o... Read More »

How long does a DUI stay on a DMV record?

Although it varies from state to state, a DUI typically stays on your riving record at the DMV for at least 10 years. States such as Michigan and California keep the 10 year records; however, your ... Read More »

How long do felonies stay on your record?

Although many cities and states differ, it is reasonable to say that felonies will stay on a person's record for life or until expunged by petitioning the court where the felony was prosecuted.Sour... Read More »