How long does a 40 ounce of beer last after being opened?

Answer Yup still good

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How long does Midori and Disaronno last for after it has been opened?

A very long time. We have kept bottles of Midori for 2+ years, and they are nearly as good as when we opened them. The high sugar content helps to keep the alcohol molecules suspended in the liquid.

How long will a package of turkey bacon stay fresh in the refrigerator after being opened?

Does an opened can of chipotles last long in the fridge?

I always put them in a little container in the freezer, then cut or chip off a piece from that to throw into chilli etc when I need it. They'll last a couple of months that way. They freeze well. ... Read More »

How long does gatorade last unrefrigerated and opened?

Its still good and likely to still be good for a week really. Gatorade has a ph of about 4. Most drinks do and are required to have such an acidic ph, if they don't they cant be on the shelf and re... Read More »