How long does a 40 ounce of beer last after being opened?

Answer Yup still good

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Why is my beer flat, I have just opened it and poured it out of the can!?

Don't laugh.. just help please!! opened the beer bottle with my teeth and now my right jaw hurts?

lol, i used to do that until one day i ended up chipping my tooth and then i never did it again. No one notices that i chipped my tooth but i do. Anyways if it still hurts really bad you should go ... Read More »

How long can a person survive on a diet of beer and beer only?

As I recall, I "think" the number calculated to respond to this question was 45 days. There was a study done for that uber-scientific television program on Spike, called "MANswers."Watch your listi... Read More »

How long does dry milk keep after it is opened?

Under proper storage conditions, dry milk will keep up to 12 weeks in your cupboard. You can also freeze it for up to three years. After opening, store your dry milk in a cool, dark place in an air... Read More »