How long does Plan B work?

Answer Though it is advised that Plan B be taken within 120 hours or five days after unprotected sex in order to be effective, it is imperative that it be taken as soon as possible, as the effectiveness g... Read More »

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How long does it take for the Plan B pill to work?

The Plan B One-Step tablet works best when taken within the first 24 hours but is effective up to 72 hours after contraceptive failure. The pill takes effect immediately, but its success will remai... Read More »

Can your work drop your Family insurance plan if your spouse's work pays more then half of the total coverage for the plan or more and if her birthday is closer to January 1?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign u... Read More »

Does the BB plan selector BSNL really work for changing broadband plan?

Would you send a copy of the Mellon Bank of NY long-term disability LTD Summary Plan Description SPD and the plan document itself?

It would depend on your disability insurance plan. Some plans exclude work-related disabilities.If your plan excludes work-related disabilities, then you would initially be denied through your disa... Read More »