How long does PMS last before you get your period?

Answer it could be just gas pains or growing pains but it could be PMS. With me when I have PMS it's more in my bladder more to the left though not in my hip but everyone's different. talk to you mom abou... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if you started spotting before your period and this never happened before and when it does it only last 1 and a half day?

Answer That can be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be just spotting. Take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor for a blood test.

How long does it take after your last period to get pregnant?

The time varies with each person, you have to be ovualting to become pregnant. To track your ovulation time requires many different things such as core temp changes, over several months.

Could pain in the lower abdomen and being a week late be a sign of pregnancy your period last month was 20 days long spotting and this has never happened before you are always on schedule or 2 days la?

AnswerYes you can indeed be pregnant take an at home test asap or make an appointment with your doctor for a blood test you spotted for 20 days and you didn't bring that to the attention of your do... Read More »

How long does skin bleach last before you go back to your normal color?

In order to achieve maximum results, skin bleaching must be performed daily for weeks or months. Once the skin lightness plateaus, typically after four to six months, the effects begin to disappear... Read More »