How long does Hepatitis C survive?

Answer On One Hand: Many Years in a HostThe virus that causes hepatitis C is a member of the flaviviridae that is transmitted three primary ways: sexual contact, the sharing of contaminated medical equipm... Read More »

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How long does hepatitis C last on surfaces?

On One Hand: Length of Survival"The hepatitis C virus can survive outside the body at room temperature, on surfaces, for at least 16 hours, but no longer than four days.", according to The Read More »

How long does hepatitis c live outside the body?

On One Hand: Is not stable in the environmentThe Hepatitis C virus is not known for its ability to exist outside the human body without the presence of host organisms. It is very unstable in the en... Read More »

How long does drug treatment for Hepatitis C take to get out of your system?

For Hepatitis C patients, the length of treatment varies by the severity of the infection. Most patients are treated with anti-viral medication over the course of several weeks, and may take anoth... Read More »

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