How long does Disk Defragment take?

Answer Hi PetIt can take 1 to 3 hours for a full defrag.

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How Long Does it Take to Defragment a Disk?

Using the hard drive defragmentation utility included with your computer, it may take several hours to defragment a heavily fragmented disk. Because disk defragmentation reduces the performance of ... Read More »

Why does it take so long to defragment Windows?

Occasionally defragging your drive makes it run more efficiently, especially if you have an older system. Since parts of a file are save in different spots on your hard drive, defragging a computer... Read More »

Can someone explain to me what the Disk Defragment does for the PC?

Hi Nikki,Defragmenting puts all the bit and pieces of files together.When your computer writes a file it scatters it all over the hard drive wherever it finds available space. As files are deleted ... Read More »

How to Schedule Automatic Disk Cleanup & Disk Defragment on My PC?

Fragmentation is storage space used inefficiently on your computer's hard disk. As you save, change or delete files, the data is often stored at a location on the hard disk that's different from th... Read More »