How long does DNA testing take?

Answer Typically, you can find out the results of a DNA tests within five business days of all of the samples being collected. Due to the confidentiality of this matter, the results are typically mailed o... Read More »

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How long does forensic DNA testing take?

It takes four weeks to receive results for standard DNA testing. In some instances, such as when DNA testing is relevant to a high-profile courtroom case, it can take two to three days to receive r... Read More »

How long does DNA testing in criminal cases take?

DNA testing in criminal cases typically takes three to five days. This accounts for the shipping, handling, testing, second testing, processing and delivery. In some court cases, the process can be... Read More »

How long does genetic testing for Stickler Syndrome take?

According to the U.S. Library of Medicine, Genetics Home Reference, Stickler Syndrome is an inherited disorder that affects one in every 7,500 to 9,000 newborns. The disorder comes from mutations i... Read More »

How long does urine keep in refrigarator for testing?

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