How long doe printers last ?

Answer Low quality Ink printers - 3 - 5 yearsHigh end Ink printers 5 - 8 yearsLaser printers - 10 - 15 years depending on routine maintenanceEconomically speaking in business they are depreciated over 3, ... Read More »

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How long do INKJET PRINTERS usually last?

well i had a hp inktjet oncei had it for 6 years,then with the new pc combination i now have a hp 5600 officjet.even though the inktjet ( i believe it was a 1100) was still capable of i... Read More »

Printers that use the new (02) cartridges--how long do the cartridges last?

The 02 cartridges last between 350 to 490 pages, depending on color and on usage. The newer printers have a reservoir in there and are generally more ink-efficient. These links below should help yo... Read More »

I've Heard Repeatedly that Manufacturers of Ink-Jet Printers Are Deliberately Under Pricing their Printers-?

I don't have an answer, but I sure have a comment. I like my Lexmark printer, but I feel I've been robbed every time I but new ink cartridges. For a low paid community college history instructor,... Read More »

Dot matrix printers are high quality printers - True or false?