How long do you wait between coats of paint?

Answer The length of time it takes for paint to dry varies, according to the kind of paint and level of humidity. When using latex paint, wait at least four hours before applying another coat of paint. Wa... Read More »

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How long should a person wait between coats of interior paint?

A second coat of paint should be applied after the first coat has completely dried. Most paint takes 4 hours to dry, but can take up to 8 hours in climates with high humidity.Source:Bob Villa FAQ

How Long Should Paint Dry Between Coats?

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How Long Should Acrylic Latex Paint Dry Between Coats?

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Does oil based paint have to be sanded between coats?

its advisable to lightly sand and wipe clean between any paint coat application of this type as it removes those small specks that feel rough afterward and it also makes a small key for the final coat