How long do you wait between blood pressure readings?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic, you can recheck your blood pressure one minute after your last reading. It's preferable to take two readings per day, one in the morning before taking medications and ... Read More »

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How long should i wait between blood pressure readings?

You should wait approximately one to two minutes between blood pressure readings. This will give your blood pressure a chance to settle down; the wait time will also ensure that the result is accur... Read More »

How low is too low for blood pressure readings?

Unlike high blood pressure, which can be numerically defined as anything over 130/80, low blood (hypotension) is indicated by symptoms that arise from low blood flow through veins and arteries. The... Read More »

How can you understand blood pressure readings?

Anyone who has ever had their blood pressure taken has wondered exactly what those numbers mean. The Mayo Clinic explains that a blood pressure reading has four categories; they range from normal ... Read More »

How do I understand blood pressure readings?

Getting your blood pressure checked is a standard part of almost any visit to the doctor's office. And if you have high blood pressure, chances are you're monitoring your blood pressure at home, to... Read More »