How long do you usually stay on yahoo answers?

Answer depends im like about 1 or 2 hours 5 or 6 days a week depends like im not da whole hour straight say i wake up at 12 then i prolly maybe get on for 10 minutes see wats goin on then leave outside or... Read More »

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How to Stay Protected from Troll Attack on Yahoo! Answers?

Trolls are the users who report our questions and answers without any reason,post rude comments and insult other members. Trolls intentionally and persistently post inflammatory messages about sens... Read More »

How long do customers usually stay in a restaurant?

Well ordering 15 mins a your average store eating while chatting around 30mins (if kid probs around 20 deppending on size of meal) they usualy have a chat after there meal 15 mins + .Also getting r... Read More »

How long do braces usually stay on your teeth for?

Everyone's different to be honest it all depends on what needs done to your teeth and if they respond as planned to the braces, your dentist should give you a rough idea if you ask I'm sure :)

How long does it usually take for a crazy Yahoo stalker to stop stalking?

I'm working on my first novel now, it's called "The Yahoo Answers Stalker Survival Guide" It should be on shelves by Christmas but I'll give you a tip from my book"the typical yahoo stalker will th... Read More »