How long do you usually stay on yahoo answers?

Answer depends im like about 1 or 2 hours 5 or 6 days a week depends like im not da whole hour straight say i wake up at 12 then i prolly maybe get on for 10 minutes see wats goin on then leave outside or... Read More »

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How to Stay Protected from Troll Attack on Yahoo! Answers?

Trolls are the users who report our questions and answers without any reason,post rude comments and insult other members. Trolls intentionally and persistently post inflammatory messages about sens... Read More »

How much HDD space do you think that all the questions and answers stored on yahoo answers takes up?

Yahoo is huge and Yahoo answers get's a ton of traffic and by a ton I mean a TON. I own my own web company and I have forums/message boards that take up easily 8-10 gigs of space just for the MYSQ... Read More »

How does your answer get in the best of answers book on the yahoo answers homepage?

You have to have a lot of stars and private watch list requests.To get all that you have to ask a unique question.

Why can't i find answers that were posted to yahoo answers in google?

Based on keywords and phrases (most probably importance of such questions) depending on that it will appear on Google Search.