How long do you think you could go without watching tv?

Answer The rest of my life...100 + channels and nothing on!

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Is watching 3D TV for a long time harmful?

3D television isn't considered to be harmful although some people tolerate it better than others. Wearing glasses and watching 3D images can be uncomfortable for some people. In those cases, simply... Read More »

Which soap opera do you watch and how long have you been watching it?

Y/R since I was 13 (and I am 48 now) and B/B since I was 38.

How long does it take until ones testicles descend after watching the movie Mamma Mia?

Are you sure that your testicles are not located in your wife's purse?I think the only remedy to restore the boys to their former glory is to watch every Death Wish movie twice, eat 14 steaks, and ... Read More »

What is the best thing to eat, besides popcorn and candy, when you are watching a long movie!?

nachoes or smuggle coffee inside. thats the best!