How to Calculate How Long it Takes an Object to Fall?

Answer The laws of physics govern how long it takes an object to fall to the ground after you drop it. In order to figure out the time, you need to know the distance the object falls, but not the weight o... Read More »

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Love to curl hair, but takes way too long (I have really thick hair). Please help?

maybe you can trim it to make it lighter. i have thick hair and thats what i do (; hope it helps

How long does it takes for any bluetooth headseat takes to stop working left on?

It depends on the battery and the head set, some as little as a few hours, some several days...

It takes me 4 hours to fall asleep?

Get into a rounitne and stick to it do a quite activity at least 1 hour befor you go to bed like a bath and then read for 15 min then wake your self up by getting excercise in the morning and limit... Read More »

BB Love-gate: When do SREE fall in love with NOREEN....?

shes going to lead him on without any of the others realising, and then shes going to act the victim - that girls got one almighty huge game plan - BEWARE!!!