How long do you take prenatal vitamins after pregnancy?

Answer 3 months

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How long do i continue to take prenatal vitamins after giving birth?

i am 47, my youngest is 26 years old.I take prenatal vitamins to this day. They have more vitamins and minerals, and are more likely to dissolve. The doctor is the one who recommended this to me. M... Read More »

How long should you take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant?

I haven't seen anything recommending vitamins before pregnancy, but all during pregnancy is recommended. And of course, if you have any vitamin deficiencies in general, you should take care of your... Read More »

Can a senior take prenatal vitamins?

Yes, they can. In fact they are often prescribed for seniors when they have low iron levels. They can contribute to constipation, so precautions should be taken to avoid this.

Can teens take prenatal vitamins?

if you're pregnant, yes. although i should think it would do no harm to take them when NOT pregnant. However the vitamins are specifically for pregnant women and so the vitamins in it would be of a... Read More »