How long do you remain a spirit before being reincarnated?

Answer On One Hand: It All DependsYou are a spiritual being having a physical experience. According to different psychic sources, the matter of when a soul incarnates into a physical body is determined by... Read More »

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How long can you be a corporal in the marines before being separated?

four years but you'll either get a pity promotion to sargeant or you could get busted down to lance corporal people usually dont get kicked out you just finish out your enlisment and are denied ree... Read More »

How Long Should Ash Wood Season for Before Being Burned?

Burning firewood to warm your home or to cook a meal is one of life's most basic activities. While it may be tempting to grab the closest log regardless of its condition or origin and throw it into... Read More »

How long do you have to be off of antidepressants before being approved for disability insurance?

AnswerMaybe a year, BUT there is no black and white answer to this question. It would depend on the company, which medications, why you were on them, etc. Your health is the most important thing. D... Read More »

If a kid was a star or musician long before being 18(clean), why do a lot of them turn evil?

Unfortunately, what the public doesn't see is the pressure the kid deals with. The "biz" could care less if it is a kid or an adult. It is all about the money. And many times the kid's parents are ... Read More »