How long do you need an active credit line to achieve a valid credit score?

Answer On One Hand: Just a Few MonthsIf a borrower opens up a trade line and uses it frequently, it should take him just a few months to create a valid credit score. However, it should be noted that the c... Read More »

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What is the highest credit score an individual can achieve?

The highest FICO credit score is 850, and only about 1 percent of the population has a perfect credit score, according to the Motley Fool. The FICO score is the most widely used credit score.Refere... Read More »

Can Reduction in a Home Equity Line of Credit Affect My Credit Score?

A home equity line of credit is a type of secured revolving credit that uses your home's equity -- the value of the home minus mortgage owed -- as collateral. In certain cases, your lender may deci... Read More »

How long will credit repair take to increase my credit score?

Credit repair businesses correct credit report errors that can inhibit your ability to obtain credit. When using credit repair, it could take at least three months before you see an increase in you... Read More »

How long does it take to build a credit score?

Credit agencies give you a score as soon as you gain a line of credit. You can get a credit score almost immediately if someone with an established credit history cosigns on a loan for you or add... Read More »