How long do you keep income tax returns documentation?

Answer How long you keep income tax returns documentation will depend on your particular circumstance. If you owe taxes, keep them three years. If you did not report income you should have, six years. If ... Read More »

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How long do you keep Canadian income tax returns?

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, you should retain your income tax returns for six years. You should also keep supporting documents, such as receipts, pay stubs and statements, for the same ... Read More »

How long do you have to refile federal income tax returns?

Refiling a tax return requires the use of a Form 1040X. In order to receive a refund based on an amended return, the IRS has instilled a limit of three years for the payment of refunds. If the amen... Read More »

How long does a person have to file federal income tax returns?

Generally, the deadline for filing a federal income tax return is April 15 the year following the tax year. Prior year tax returns may be filed at any time, however only returns filed within a thre... Read More »

When is the last day to file income tax returns?

As of 2010, the last day to file income tax returns or request an extension on filing income tax returns is April 15. Should the IRS approve your extension request, you have until October 15 to fil... Read More »