How long do you keep a mallet finger splint on for?

Answer for couple of minutes?…

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How to Treat Mallet Finger with a Splint?

Mallet finger is a condition where the tendon in outermost joint of a finger is ripped, causing the tip of the finger to droop. It's also known as "baseball finger" and is for the most part associa... Read More »

Do you think my finger needs a splint?

I don't think you need a splint but you may want to wrap it up to immobilize it a little. It should take one to two weeks to heal.

How can i make a splint for my finger?

The best thing is to tape two fingers together. Don't tape it too tight or you will cut off circulation

How do you splint a broken finger?

tape a popsicle stick in between the 2 youll have to get it set