How long do you have to wait until you can drive with your learner's permit?

Answer Many states allow a person to drive at the minimum age of 15 with a learner's permit. However, that person generally must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.Source:American Driving School

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Can you get your own insurance with a driving permit in California or do you need to wait until you have full license?

Replacement or Additional Vehicle Generally, yes.The needed coverage would be comprehensive and/or collision.MOST auto policies provide coverage for a 'new' (additional) or 'replacement' auto, when... Read More »

How long after filing bankruptcy do you have to wait until you file again?

You cannot file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy within six years of the last discharge of a Chapter 7 or 13. Since Chapter 13 bankruptcies can take three to five years to finally discharge, you can file for... Read More »

Webmail is down- how long should I have to wait until it's mended?

That all depends what it went down for.If it was a total sever crash then there is no time limit is the answer to that.Maintenance depending again what they have got to do.

When installing a new gunite pool how long do you have to wait until you can swim?

Answer FOLLOW THE BUILDERS RECOMMENDATIONS!!! The pool plaster has to cure with the least amount of variations of the water. Heating the pool prematurely can cause the plaster to delaminate. Swimm... Read More »