How long do you have to wait until you can drive with your learner's permit?

Answer Many states allow a person to drive at the minimum age of 15 with a learner's permit. However, that person generally must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver.Source:American Driving School

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Is it fair to wait 6 months after your permit to get your license?

Yes, it is fair. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right.

Can you get your own insurance with a driving permit in California or do you need to wait until you have full license?

Replacement or Additional Vehicle Generally, yes.The needed coverage would be comprehensive and/or collision.MOST auto policies provide coverage for a 'new' (additional) or 'replacement' auto, when... Read More »

Can I Drive Here With A Permit?

On your own? You can't drive ANYWHERE with just a permit on your own. With a licensed driver? Basically the entire US States respect each other in who is given a license/permit. So as long as you a... Read More »

I am old enough to drive with my permit but I am scared of the airbag. What should I do?

They are not that dangerous, and will more often than not save your life, though they do present a danger to small children since they are so short, when impact occurs, the bag will deploy and snap... Read More »