How long do you have to wait to get your other wisdom teeth out?

Answer It takes a couple of weeks to heal. You should have gotten them all out at once. I only had two, but it took almost a month for my mouth to feel normal again.

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How long should you wait before drinking alcohol after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Answer You should wait for 3 - 4 days or until your dentist checks you again (whichever comes first.) Having any tooth pulled (wisdom teeth are difficult at best) tears the gums and your dentist ... Read More »

How long does an adult have to wait to get braces after getting their wisdom teeth pulled?

The bottom answer is not totally correct.You must wait at least a few weeks, preferably 3 months, before getting braces in order to let the gums and the bone heal properly before putting on braces.... Read More »

How long do i hae to wait to smoke a cigarette after ive had my wisdom teeth removed?

I didn't wait, I ignored the dentist, and I didn't have any problems... No guarantee something won't happen to you though.Personally, I'd just keep smoking.

If one of your wisdom teeth just started growing out do you have to wait until it is fully out to get it removed?

Your Dentist can extract it either way. No you don't have to wait The dentist can extract a tooth even if it's not completely erupted.Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt completely from lack of spa... Read More »