How long do you have to stay away from infants if you have shingles?

Answer Answer Many times it can be just genetics.Here are some reasons:DepressionBrought up in an unhealthy environment by their parentsNeglect by parents or sexual abuse by a parentRapeBullying in school... Read More »

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How far do you have to stay away from a dive flag?

The regulations on how far to stay away from a boat or float marker with a diver down flag vary. For example, New Mexico requires 300 feet, but North Carolina mandates only 50 feet. If you cannot c... Read More »

How long to keep infants away from someone with swine flu?

I would recommend that you try and find the cause of the eczema. Many doctors will tell you there isn't a cause, that is what they told us. However, we did not believe that to be true.After trying ... Read More »

I have been told to stay away from vista, so from what you know, which is better, vista or xp?

Don't be scared of Vista or the scaremongering put out about Vista - they said the same thing about going from Win 98 to XP.Vista is fine - although I would say - don't upgrade over XP - do a clean... Read More »

How long does my cat have to be away from other cats after spaying?

If the cat is not retained overnight for observation post operatively, separate cats for the remainder of the evening. Interaction with other cats the following day is not harmful, but since strenu... Read More »