How long do you have to live in a state to have a instate collage tuition?

Answer Usually it's a year. But I think some schools are strict and require 2. Also be aware, most schools won't allow you to count your time there towards residency if you are a college student.... so ... Read More »

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How long do you live to live a state before you are eligible for State resident tuition?

No, you can't and you will NEVER get the in state rate because there is a lot more to becoming a resident than simply living there. Because you moved to NY and enrolled in school, you will ALWAYS ... Read More »

Instate tuition...?

It's called "reciprocity" and it does exist in some regions. For example, I live in Minnesota and we have tuition reciprocity with Wisconsin and a few other places. To find out if the school you ... Read More »

UCLA instate tuition?

Out-of-State Tuition WaiverIf you are in a certain geographic area and are looking for academic programs that are not available at your state institutions, you may be eligible to participate in a t... Read More »

How do I get my NY aunt as my guardian for instate NY tuition Can i just have her file me in her taxes?

You are fighting a loosing battle my friend. Many have tried and all have failed. Make sure you read and understand ALL the regulations regarding residency and financial aid before you try to get... Read More »