How long do you have to keep braces in?

Answer To add to what Elli is saying (she is correct) also depends on the type of braces. If you get Speed Braces (aka Damon Braces) then they can speed up treatment as compared to the cheaper, less... Read More »

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How long do you have to keep braces on?

Answer It is what the orthodontist think is best to improve your appearance and health. It also depends on what type of treatment you are looking for for example, the longest but more effective tre... Read More »

How long will i have my braces on?

it really depends on your body... my teeth were AWEFUL.. like if they looked the way they did now i probably would never smile with my teeth (one front tooth infront of the other, both my canines w... Read More »

If i get braces how long will i have it for?

That picture of your teeth is horrible. From the extreme blurry close up, I'd say you'll have them for about 18 months to two years. My brother had his for only 18 months, I had mine for 5 years.... Read More »

How long will I have braces for:)?

Hm. I'd say flip a coin and roll a die, the number on the die is the number of years, and if you get heads double it. Then, take the derivative of how often you think about your braces, then divide... Read More »