How long do you have to go to school to become a 1st grade teacher?

Answer The college and training requirements to become a first grade teacher vary slightly by state. To teach in a public school, all states require a minimum of a bachelor's degree plus licensing, taking... Read More »

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How long is leave between Navy Nuclear A school and Prototype B School?

When I went to nuclear training, you could take up to 30 days leave or how much time you had to report to Prototype B school, whichever is shorter. Of course that was more than 35 years ago, but th... Read More »

How long is RN school?

An RN, or registered nurse, can obtain the required schooling in one of three types of programs: a bachelor of science degree in nursing at a college or university, 4 years; an associate degree in ... Read More »

How long is DUI school?

The length of DUI schools varies from one state to another. According to DUI Arrest Help, a school can be as short as 10 hours or require as many as 45 hours.Source:DUI Arrest Help: DUI Driving School

How long does a vet go to school?

A veterinarian will be in school for six to eight years. Part of this is spent in an undergraduate program in the sciences, where the student takes prerequisite courses for vet school. The student ... Read More »