How long do you have to be separated before filing for divorce in Kentucky?

Answer You do not have to be legally separated to file for divorce in Kentucky, but the courts will not issue a decree unless the couple has been "living apart" for at least 60 days. Under Kentucky law, ... Read More »

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How long do I have to be separated before I can file for divorce in Meridian, MS?

Under Mississippi law there is no mandatory separation period before you file for divorce. Section 93-5-4 of the Mississippi Code of 1972 specifically states, "It shall be no impediment to a divorc... Read More »

How long do I have to be employed in Indiana with a company before filing for unemployment?

You must be continually employed for approximately six months before you can file for Indiana unemployment benefits. Be sure you've made more than a total of $2,750---60 percent of which should be ... Read More »

How long can you be a corporal in the marines before being separated?

four years but you'll either get a pity promotion to sargeant or you could get busted down to lance corporal people usually dont get kicked out you just finish out your enlisment and are denied ree... Read More »

How long do I need to live in a state before filing for bankruptcy?

People wishing to file bankruptcy in a certain state must have lived in that state for at least two years. Otherwise, they must comply with the bankruptcy laws and regulations of their previous sta... Read More »