How long do you have to be married to adopt a child?

Answer 1 or 2 years1 or 2 years

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If Father has had nothing to do with child and mother gets married to another man can that man adopt the child?

Step-father, yes ... just "father", at your age of 21, I would think not. When I married recently, my wife's sons are in their higher 20's ... their last names did not change - they keep their pri... Read More »

Can a married man adopt a child without his wife?

Of course not are you crazy you always have to have a wife with you

Do you have to get married to adopt your girlfriend's child in NY?

Maybe, it depends upon the amount rendered by the government agency and by the obligated parent versus the needs of the children.However, said parent must be the legal adopting parent of the child/... Read More »

How does your partner adopt your child with out being married?

I don't think you can. You either has to be single or married to adopt. Just living together is neither. if you are in a samesex relationship and has gone through partnership might be possible though.