How long do you guys and gals think I'll live?

Answer not long hopefully

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Do you think that long hair, no bangs, is appropriate on women over 40, or is it strictly for younger gals?

Hay, sounds like the GREEN EYED MONSTER to me. She's trying to force her value system on you. What I think should not matter, it should be what you Feel that you should follow. She's probably one o... Read More »

Help Guys & Gals...Winweb Security?

since the answer mentioned by others can't help at all, why not you try to re-install the web security guard ?When re-downloading the software, see carefully is there a hint / message telling you h... Read More »

Hi Guys & Gals! What you be your ideal dream car (money or age being no limit)?

I want one of the original Land Rovers... the kind that were used in the African bush 40 years ago. In the market for one now.Aloha

May I ask what you gals think of Bare Minerals?

The TV testimonials are paid ads this product really is NOT good for your skin because of the high content of bismuth which is a form of arsenic lead which will and does clog pores badly and will c... Read More »