How long do you dry a k&n filter?

Answer On One Hand: Air Drying Times Are UnpredictableAfter washing your K&N air filter with the cleaning kit, you need to rinse it thoroughly, leaving the filter wet. Depending on where you leave your fi... Read More »

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How long does a pool filter need to run?

Your pool filter needs to run for at least one-third of a 24-hour period on average. A minimum of eight hours within a 24-hour period will ensure your pool is clean. Make sure you have a filter tha... Read More »

How Long Should My Pool Filter Run Each Day?

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How long should I run my pool filter?

How long you should run your pool filter depends on what season of the year it is. Normally during the winter months you would run it three to four hours a day and four to six hours a day during su... Read More »

How long does a GE Smartwater filter last?

Replace GE Smartwater filters every six months. Replacing the filters twice yearly will help reduce waterborne contaminates such lead, crystosporidium and giardia in the water that is filtered and ... Read More »