How long do you cook soft shell crabs?

Answer On One Hand: Soft-shell Crabs Cook QuicklyWhen roasting soft-shell crabs in the oven, they should be baked for about 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 500 degrees F, according to "The Joy of Cooki... Read More »

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How to Harvest Soft Shell Crabs?

The soft shell crab got its name from the stage when the crabs are harvested. At this point, the crab has just molted its shell. If the crab is caught before it has molted, it is called a peeler. C... Read More »

How to Clean a Sea Shell (for Hermit Crabs)?

There are several ways described to new "hermit crabbers" as to how to clean a hermit crab compatible shell. Described below is the two best working ways.

How to Clean a Soft-Shell Crab?

Blue crabs are the most widely available of the soft-shell variety. Before you can fry, broil or prepare the crab, you'll need to clean it properly. Sniff the crab prior to cleaning it. A fresh cra... Read More »

Why Would a Turtle Shell Go Soft?

A turtle's shell provides more than protection from the world; it also provides insight towards a turtle's health. For turtles with hard shells, developing a soft shell (sometimes called soft-shell... Read More »