How long do you cook corned beef in a slow cooker?

Answer Corned beef should be cooked in a slow cooker for six to six-and-a-half hours on the high setting and 10 to 10 1/2 hours on a low setting. When it is finished, it will be very tender and easy to br... Read More »

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How long do you cook corned beef in a pressure cooker?

Corned beef, usually made from the brisket, will cook quickly and prove tender in the pressure cooker. Cook the corned beef for about 25 minutes per lb., cooking no more than 3 lbs. (unless using a... Read More »

How long do you cook corn beef in slow cooker?

A slow cooker makes meal preparation easy--simply put your ingredients in the cooker and hours later, return to serve your meal. Allow plenty of time to prepare corned beef in the slow cooker. Acco... Read More »

Corned Beef hash in slow cooker?

Oh I feel the pain, I've done this myself before! It will be cooked just fine, so what I would do (and did) is make up a thick cornflour solution with cornflour and water, and slowly add it over a... Read More »

How to Make Corned Beef & Cabbage in a Slow Cooker?

Slow cooker meals come in handy, especially on busy days. Normally an entire meal can be made and served from the slow cooker. Cooking beef in a crock pot allows the meat to simmer, becoming tender... Read More »