How long do you charge a motorcycle battery?

Answer The length of time to charge a motorcycle battery depends on the amps of the battery and the type of charger. An 18-amp battery would take 14.4 hours to charge on a 1.25 amp-per-hour charger. Divid... Read More »

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How long should I charge my motorcycle battery?

New motorcycle batteries already filled with battery acid require a charge of three to four hours to be fully charged. Dry charging the battery to 80 percent of its capacity will shorten the lifesp... Read More »

How to Charge a Motorcycle Battery with a Battery Charger?

Everything  looks hard when you don't now how to do it, but charging a motorcycle battery is essayer than you think !

Why does a motorcycle battery lose its charge?

There are a number of reasons that a motorcycle battery could lose its charge, according to Motorcycle Electrical Systems. Some of these problems are preventable, while others are due to normal wea... Read More »

How to Charge an Electrical Motorcycle Battery?

Motorcycle batteries are small and lose electrical charges easily. Over time, if a motorcycle is not run on a weekly basis, the battery loses its electrical charge altogether. Keeping a motorcycle... Read More »